Workout 4/22/14

This is what I did as a workout today :D Since I did mainly cardio yesterday I chose to focus on strength exercises for today :D 

Leg and Butt Workout: Thigh Thinner (9 minutes)

     I absolutely love the last move in this^^^ workout. It’s a plank frog jump with a plank jack :)

Power Pilates (13 minutes)

The Sexy Back Workout (10 minutes)

    This^^^ workout was surprisingly really relaxing! It felt more like a lot of yoga moves that targeted the lower back

What’s your workout for today?

Hello Everyone! Long time no talk!

     I recently started working out again after taking a 1 month hiatus due to a knee injury. I worked out for the first time since my knee injury  yesterday and it was amazing! I’ve been missing the feeling that I got while running. It’s weird, some how that “My legs are about to give out and I can’t breathe feeling” is very rewarding :D

     I bought a knee brace that is suppose to support an individual’s knee cap (which is exactly what I need). I was comfortable running with it, but when I did strength exercises and stretching it got in the way a little bit. So I guess I won’t wear it when I stretch and do strength exercises?

     For my workout yesterday I did 3.1 miles on the treadmill. The first .2 miles I walked at 4.5 mph. I normally don’t do a warm-up walk before my run, but I”m starting to do that and stretch before my run to prevent injury. Then I ran 1.8 miles at mainly 6.5, but I was going 7.5 mph for a bit. Then I walked for three minutes at 4.5 mph, ran for three minutes at 7.5 mph, and walked .25 miles. In addition to running, I did 40 military style sit ups, 20 side plank dips per side, and 3 sets of 12 on an arm machine.

     I’m working on devising a workout routine for the summer. Because I’m not taking summer classes, but  I’m staying in Tallahassee I should have a lot of time to work on my body. I’m debating on whether or not I want to do a:

  • Full body workout every other day of the week
  • Full body workout 6 days a week with one day off
  • Work a few different  body parts everyday (ie: legs and arms day, cardio day, abs day)
  • Work a few different body parts everyday with one day off

Which do you think would me more effective? Also, what’s your weekly workout routine?